Apr 072010

It’s giveaway time again lovely readers and thanks again to Piatkus I have a duo of Running Hot and Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krentz.  There are 2 sets to be won and all you have to do is comment below and tell me what name you would give to your own secret society, when you put it together to either save the world or impose your evil genius upon it.

This giveaway will close on April 30th and names will be drawn from a hat, bowl or whatever container comes to hand!

Apologies but open to UK residents only.

I enjoyed these books and you can read my reviews for Running Hot here and Fired Up here.

Good luck!

**This Giveaway is now closed, no further entries will be accepted.  Bear with me while I do the draw and will announce the winners later today!**

  73 Responses to “Jayne Ann Krentz Double Book Giveaway”

  1. I would call it ‘The Knitting Group’ to cause no suspicion.

  2. I would call my society “The Secret Rainer Marie Rilke Confused Adoration Society” because I adore RM Rilke’s writing, think he has a great take on life and would spread his words around in secret on TV/radio etc to inspire the world, to save the world from indolence and cynicism and perhaps make it a happier place. The “Confused” bit of the title is essential because I don’t understand everything that RM Rilke says and need a get out clause in case I spread his word in a confusing way!

  3. I would call it The Secret Society of Maniacal Geniuses – straight forward and to the point, no lawsuits here for trying to confuse people that we were not after total world domination.

  4. I’d call my society The Blue Glove…
    It’s what I used to call myself when I was a kid…I’d leave my mum’s blue glove in different places around the house, and if you found it (ie under your pillow) it was an unspoken mysterious threat!

  5. My secret society would be called redrobins

  6. PAGE – Peoples Action Group Elite

  7. i`d call it Mandys Minions

  8. my society would be called hartland half hour. cause we need half hour to have a cup of tea before we do anything.

  9. Mine would be called the ‘hayze happeners’

  10. I’d call mine WOP – Worshipers of paul

  11. My Secret society to save the world would be called” Wings around the World ” Because ….I just like it !!

  12. my secret society would be called. pretty polly’s pieces of eight.

  13. My secret society would be the peace seekers, sorry not anything worldly – I just want some peace and quiet to sit and read

  14. Of course I would want to save the world, so my group would be called “The Wannabe Messiahs”

  15. The Meddlers of Mercy, slightly mad… set on taking over the world, maybe for good, maybe for evil, haven’t decided yet.. will cross that bridge when we get there!

  16. The Jayne Ann Krentz Movement, set on reading all her books and discussing them under the veil of moonlight, with nibbles and vino of course!

  17. I would call it The Worlds End as there is so much hype about 2012

  18. My secret society would be called the clandestine clique.

  19. I’d call mine Macaroons,er, because I love them

  20. My secret society would be called The Unholy Alliance

  21. It would have to be called “fair to all” in line with the political parties recent rants. The alliance would definitely be evil and fair to none.

  22. My name would be clare’s cloister!!

  23. Mine would be called The Webkiners :)

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