Oct 012012

My Scandalous Viscount: Number 5 in series (Inferno Club) A member of the secret Inferno Club and a ‘lady of information’, a spy with secrets to keep and a woman who cannot resist poking her nose into other peoples business. Viscount Beauchamp (Sebastian Walker) and Carissa Portland are an unlikely pairing who end up married because Carissa just cannot mind her own business.

With one of the Inferno Club teams in Germany and an investigation into the Order occurring in England, Beau has his hands full trying to juggle Order business. The last thing he needs is a wife who will not do anything he asks and seems to be keeping secrets of her own.

I absolutely loved this story which takes place during the timeline of the previous book (My Ruthless Prince) but is set in England. If you read that review you may remember I commented on there being more plot and less romance. This story turns that around a bit and while we have a good suspense storyline, the romance element is strong – much to my delight.

Carissa and Beau have been touched upon in previous books and it was great to get their story. If you haven’t read any previous books you could be forgiven for thinking everything was a bit fast and I do recommend reading this series in order as it makes much more sense when loose ends are tied up.

Beau is a romantic at heart and I totally loved him, but as I have said before I am a sucker for romance. There is the obligatory falling out, which I knew was coming practically from the moment they were married, but true love always triumphs. Carissa is, like all of the authors heroines, strong willed and refuses to be ruled by any man, and despite her good intentions she just cannot help but poke around. It is endearing however rather than irritating.

The story arc relating to the Prometheans is all tied up in this novel but we are introduced to two new spies who will have their own stories and I cannot wait.

I’m unsure what the storyline will be for the future books, other than a good romance, with the loose ends being tied up but knowing Ms Foley, there will be an excellent sub plot in there somewhere.

If you love historical romance I really cannot recommend this series highly enough, I absolutely love it – please, please start at the beginning though with My Wicked Marquess.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Gaelen Foley
  • Series: The Inferno Club (5)
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Aug 092012

Thief of Shadows: Number 4 in series (Maiden Lane) Winter Makepeace is the manager of the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children, Lady Isabel Beckinhall is part of a syndicate of wealthy women helping the home financially so their paths frequently cross. While he annoys her by being so solemn and rigid, there is something about him that intrigues her. Winter has dedicated his life to helping the poor of St Giles and has no intention of allowing himself to become involved with a woman now or in the future. There is also the matter of a major secret he hides, one which could cost him his home and his life.

I really enjoyed this book. This is the fourth in the Maiden Lane series and I really recommend you read the previous three before starting this one. It follows on immediately from where book three finishes and it will definitely ruin earlier books if you read this first.

The traditional protagonists roles were reversed here, Isabel is the experienced woman – a widow who has had the odd lover since her husband died, while Winter is totally inexperienced in matters of both the heart and making love. Together they make quite the odd couple, add in the fact that Winter is a normal person while Isabel is high born and things start to get complicated.

I cannot say too much about the plot without ruining previous books so I will just go on about how much I loved it. Winter has been an ever present character in previous books but we have had very little information about him so it was great to get more insight into his character. It is also very unusual to find a man in these types of books so inexperienced,  although I have to say he is a quick learner, it did not spoil the story at all and the sex was still hot hot hot! As with all these books there is a side story going on, a mystery of sorts which Winter is right in the middle of.

One of the things I like about this series is more time is spent dealing with the seedier part of London than with the ballrooms and musicales. We get an insight into how hard life was in the slums of London in the Georgian era and how important it was that places like the Home for Unfortunate infants existed. While this is fiction I have no doubt things were as bad as described, if not worse, and at times it was heartbreaking.

If you have not yet read Elizabeth Hoyt and you enjoy historical romance this series is definitely for you. Start with book one – Wicked Intentions. If you have already read the previous books in the series, what are you waiting for? I think this is the best so far.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
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Jul 092012

The Reasons for Marriage (MIRA) Jason Montgomery, Duke of Eversleigh, has finally realised he has to take a wife before his aunts go and choose one for him. He has a list of what the perfect wife should be, and love does not even come into the equation; a wife who will be happy to spend her time running his estate and allow him the freedom to continue with his forays in London.

Lenore Lester has no desire to marry, is very happy living in the country looking after her father and running the household. Her brothers parties allow her the chance to play hostess, but she makes sure to make herself as inconspicuous as possible particularly given the type of gentlemen who are usually invited. Unfortunately the Duke of Eversleigh saw through her disguise immediately and set about signalling his interest while seeing her as his perfect wife.

I enjoyed this story as I do with all of Stephanie Laurens books. I think this is an early book with the hero and heroine not as bolshy as in some of her later books, but that made a nice change to read and it was very easy to fall in love with both of the characters. This is very much more a pure romance story than some of her other books and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling at the end. The story flowed nicely and I think was probably more faithful to the sort of behaviour you might expect in Regency England with regards to courtship and marriage, than some other historical romances I have read. While sex sells (and there is sex in this book make no mistake) it is refreshing to find a book more about the romance than the sex.

If you like your romance with suspense or other major plot lines this book may not be for you but me, I love a pure romance story :)

You can clearly see how the authors writing has changed with her later books but I love both styles and will definitely be looking to read further books about the Lester family.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
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Jun 252012

Devlin Kimball has spent 12 years grieving for his family and is finally coming close to what happened that fateful night, ensuring he can have his revenge on the ones responsible. His only relative left - the Dowager Viscountess Strathmore faithfully pays his bills thinking he is gambling his life away.

Lizzie Carlisle is companion to the aforementioned Dowager Viscountess and is nursing a broken heart, choosing to hide herself away in the country. When his aunt dies, Devlin and Lizzie are unexpectedly thrown together – can Devlin carry on with his need for revenge while ensuring Lizzie is not pulled into the dark side?

Wow, oh Wow, this book is amazing! There is so much going on right from page one that I was completely sucked in. The different facets of the plot move along at speed as we go from one to the other and back again. The murder mystery aspect is brilliant – we know who the guilty parties are right from the prologue but knowing when, how or even if they will get their comeuppance is something we are kept guessing with right until the end. I really cannot say enough how quickly and easily I was drawn into the story, it completely captivated me.

I love the description Ms. Foley puts into her books and this one is no exception, it was as easy to picture the characters and their interactions as if I was watching it myself. I loved all the characters in this book including the secondary ones – well except for the dastardly evil bad guys of course! But they too were very well written and easy to hate!

The romantic element was good and I totally fell in love with Devlin, I wanted to make him all better myself.

This is number five in the Knight Miscellany series and while I have not read any of the previous books it did not really matter. There is some follow on and I guess the preceding book has been slightly spoiled for me by what was mentioned here but it will not stop me reading it and all the others before that one too.

This is probably one of the best historical romances I have read. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would! While I love romance I think the addition of such a strong suspense plot is what made this extra enjoyable.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Gaelen Foley
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May 182012

A reluctant war hero, Hugo comes from a wealthy middle class family becoming a Lord by virtue of heroic acts in the Napoleonic Wars. He has a chip on his shoulder the size of a mountain, particularly towards the upper class members of society – excluding his best friends of course. They call themselves the Survivors Club and look forward to their reunion once a year where they can reflect and renew friendships.

Lady Gwendoline Muir lost her husband to a freak accident and has a permanent limp from a riding accident. She has had no desire to remarry, being content with her life and her extended family. While visiting an acquaintance, circumstances conspire to have her at the house where Hugo and his friends are staying.

Tracey’s review

What a fantastic book, this is historical romance at its very best in my opinion.

Hugo is  a scowling hero, he rarely smiles in the book but when he did it made my heart go a-flutter – it probably wouldn’t have happened if he scowled less and smiled more and the author describes him so well I could see it very clearly. I really enjoyed the fact that Hugo came from a different background to the usual in these books and I so wanted to give him a big hug and make it all better. I do feel at times he could have been a bit more masterful and less ‘woe is me’ and there was one instance when I wanted him to turn round and hit someone. At the end of the day though it did all fit in with his uneasiness at not being being part of the ton by birth and his survivor’s guilt.

As a widow in her 30′s Gwendoline knows her own mind and has been around the ton long enough to be able to steer Hugo and his sister as appropriate. It was interesting to see the heroine being a sponsor at a ton ball instead of the one being swept off her feet. It makes a change for the female to be the self assured one and not the male.

This book is very romantic, but at no point did the story become boring or too mushy. The descriptions were excellent and it was good to see how the other half live in the regency period, not just the ton. The love affair was not all plain sailing of course - it never is, but the difficulties and problems seemed very real and true to the period in history. Unlike a lot of similar books the relationship was a  slow burn rather than from hello to sex in no time at all! At the end of the book I had that satisfying warm fuzzy feeling I so love.

The prose, description and sheer romance of this book are fantastic and I look forward to more books about the ‘Survivors Club’.

This is only the second book by this author I have read but I am definitely looking forward to more and I think I have a large back catalogue to catch up on!

Grete’s Review

I’m a relative newcomer to historical or regency romance, having been persuaded to try it by Tracey.  I’ve loved the authors I’ve tried so far and this is the first book by Mary Balogh I’ve read.  It had a bit more of a formal tone to the writing than I expected but it’s not a bad thing, just different from some of the other authors.  It did take me a little while to get into it but once I’d warmed to the characters, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down.

Like Tracey, I loved seeing two sides of the regency period, both upper and middle class, and how they stay separate and view each other and then what happens when they mix.  The catalyst for the successful blend is definitely Gwen who is a wonderful character and as wounded in her heart as the members of the Survivors Club.  I love that it didn’t make her bitter and resentful, instead she was sweet and generous with a brilliant touch of humour.

Hugo, poor man has been to hell and back and again, I can only agree with Tracey on his rare smiles.  They were used to brilliant effect by Mary Balogh and had a lot of impact when they appeared.

I liked the build up of the romance, that first passionate encounter was really well timed and the following ‘will they, won’t they’ added a lot of tension but wasn’t frustrating in the least.

This is definitely not a book filled with clever plot twists and turns and in all honesty, it would have ruined it, had it been.  It is simply pure passionate and wonderful romance at its best.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Mary Balogh
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May 142012

Drake Parry, the Earl of Westwood has turned traitor and betrayed the Order and his fellow Inferno Club members. Emily Harper, a gamekeeper’s daughter who has loved him since childhood does not believe this and follows him to the wilds of Bavaria hoping to prove to them all, and herself, that he could never turn into what they said. On finding Drake it seems her worst fears have been realised, that this hard, deadly and furious man is not the one she remembered – is hope really lost?

Another great story from Gaelen Foley although I have to admit not my favourite. This is the second Inferno Club novel I have read but the fourth in the series. There are a lot of references to things that happened in previous books that have a big impact on this story, and with that in mind it would have been better to read this series from the beginning. I easily managed to pick up the threads of why Drake is where he is but I do think this may be why I did not enjoy it quite as much.

The plot very definitely overshadows the romance in this book although in all fairness there is no ‘do they or don’t they’ as it is clear they are in love from the beginning. While I do love my romance the plot was very gripping and I was on the edge of my seat throughout, it was very tense! It is clear there have been large chunks dealing with Drake and Emily in previous books and if I had read the previous ones I would be much more invested in the characters. Having said that, I love Drake which is probably a good thing as if I was even more invested it would have been even more intense and I would probably have been in tears!

My only criticism would be Emily – would a female, even a gamekeeper’s daughter really trek halfway across Europe alone and with little money in the 1800′s? That’s the power of love I guess, even if it does seem a bit far fetched!

Overall another great book definitely worth reading if you are a fan of Gaelen Foley or historical novels in general.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Gaelen Foley
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Apr 232012

A dying man’s plea on a battlefield in France and a solemn vow made in payment of a debt leads Colonel Lord Aiden Bedwyn to Ringwood manor and Miss Eve Morris. Realising the extent of her plight Lord Aiden offers her a marriage based on pure convenience intending to leave her alone to live her life. He reckoned without his brother the Duke of Bewcastle!

This is a story by an author I have never read before and I absolutely loved it. It seemed to have a much sounder historical basis than the usual regency romances I read (but in reality I do not know that much about the period!) and the behaviour of Aiden and Eve seemed much more what you would expect of individuals in this time period.

The descriptions within the book were rich and easy to picture without being over the top. There was not as much sex as in some other regency books – but there was some and what there was, was enough for the story!  While there was no major plot, action or adventure running alongside the relationship between the two protagonists,  the story had me completely captivated throughout. Don’t get me wrong, a lot happens and it was plenty to keep the story moving.

It was very much about introducing the Bedwyn family as well and I understand the other siblings (there are a few – yay lots of books) will be getting their own stories also. I look forward to finding out more about them and cannot wait to read more books by this author.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Mary Balogh
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Apr 042012

Christian Allerdyce, the Marquess of Dearne is the last remaining bachelor among the men of the Bastion Club. After the devastating betrayal he suffered 8 years ago he has no desire to take a wife even though he knows he soon must.

Lady Letitia Randall has no-one to turn to when her husband is murdered, her brother has disappeared making him the prime suspect and in desperation she calls upon the one person she thinks can help.  He also happens to be the one person who betrayed her when she needed him most.

I really enjoyed this book which had a solid interesting and believable plot alongside the romantic element. As you can probably tell from the brief words above there is a major misunderstanding between our two protagonists. I do find myself getting annoyed when a major misunderstanding drags on too long and starts to take over the story. Fortunately this does not last much past a hundred pages and, while other issues arise from it, I did not have to spend my time getting annoyed because of it!

The Bastion Club series is a different style of books from other ones by Stephanie Laurens, such as the Cynster series, in that the romance story always seems secondary to the action element. By action I do not mean pistols at dawn or fighting scenes,  more the fast paced ‘whodunnit’ element of the plot. There is of course plenty of sex and with Letitia not being an innocent virgin, these scenes move along quite rapidly and get very steamy *fans self a few times!*

I was surprised at the reaction of the ton to seeing Letitia frequently in the company of another man so soon after her husband’s demise and not really questioning it. I guess the same rules on scandal don’t apply to a widow in her late twenties as they do for a young innocent.

While the main characters in this book are Christian and Letitia we finally get to learn more titbits regarding my favourite character in this series – Dalziel. The epilogue is very tantalising and we get to find out his title.  I cannot wait to read the next book as finally the mystery surrounding who he is will become clear.

Overall, another great book by Stephanie Laurens, the more of hers I read the more I want to read. Fortunately she is a very prolific writer and I have lots more to go.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
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Mar 292012

Anthony Bridgerton needs a wife, a suitable, sweet and biddable wife. Edwina Sheffield is the pick of the current crop of débutantes and so he sets out to make her his bride. Unfortunately to get to Edwina, Anthony has to go through her sister Kate, who is determined Edwina will never have to marry for convenience and certainly not to a rake of the highest order.

When Kate and Anthony get together sparks fly but just as he thinks he may be gaining her approval, he makes the mistake of kissing her.

I really enjoyed this book and like the first one in the series it had some very humorous moments. I enjoyed the take on the overprotective sibling being a sister instead of a brother, giving Anthony a taste of his own medicine. While it is always obvious knowing who will end up with who, it is always fun trying to guess how they will get there. I definitely did not see the situation coming that caused such a stir among society!

It was good to catch up with the Bridgerton family again although we did not see as much of the other brothers and sisters this time round. The focus was very much on Anthony and Kate and their inner demons – and they have a few!

I have not read many books by Julia Quinn but the few I have read are simply whetting my appetite for more. I enjoy the romance, the unorthodox way of getting there and her style of writing which means the story flows easily. I also love the way she manages to mix humour into her stories.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Julia Quinn
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Mar 282012

Linnet Berry Thynne was ruined in the eyes of the ton. Caught kissing a prince who then wants nothing to do with her, not to mention it wasn’t even all that pleasant! Wearing a gown that makes her look pregnant, her humiliation and ruination is complete.

Piers Marchant a doctor and Earl has a fearsome reputation and a temper to match which has earned him the nickname of the beast. Injured as a child he is supposedly unable to perform (if you get my drift)!  With no prospect of an heir in sight his father jumps at the chance of his son having a bride, already with child and a royal one at that.

Being a medical man it does not take him long to realise things are not as they seem and despite Linnet’s beauty, he is determined she will never marry the beast.

This is another great book by Eloisa James and I really enjoyed it. It is supposedly a very loose adaptation of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast, and if the title had not indicated so, I would not necessarily have thought to associate it.

I loved the characters, Dr Piers is hilarious – his bedside manner leaves much to be desired and you get the impression his life would be much simpler if his patients died so he could cut them open and see what was going on.  Sarcasm seems to be his forte and he does not care who he upsets or what he says. Linnet is feisty, just as sarcastic and gives as good as she gets, almost enjoying taunting him. This leads to some funny conversations between the two of them.

The story is almost exclusively set in Wales and it was great to have a setting other than the traditional London for a regency romance. I found the snippets about medicine and treatment fascinating but how accurate they are I am not sure, Piers did seem ahead of his time in some aspects of his treatment. Historical accuracy is not a strong feature of this book but to be honest it was not a problem for this story. Some books need rich historical description, others don’t, the characters easily carried the story no matter how historically inaccurate some of their behaviour was!

Of course it is based on a fairytale and fairytales always have a happy ending so I got the warm fuzzies which I like in my books. It wouldn’t be an interesting or entertaining story however if there were not a number of obstacles and incidents before we reach that point.

If you are looking for a romance with accurate historical descriptions and behaviour this may not be you, if however you like a touch of humour, strong characters and can overlook the historical licence – read it!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Eloisa James
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