Good Haul!

Given the amount I read, there would be absolutely no way too I could afford to buy all my books new so I browse charity shops and car boot sales for anything that looks interesting or the odd book from a favoured author that I might still be missing. I do like to have complete sets of the authors I like to re-read.

I went to 2 car boot sales today along with my friend Tracey who was staying for the weekend and usually I might come away with two or three books, today I came away with twelve! It was a good book day indeed! I didn’t pay any more than 50p for each book and a few of them were 20p or 30p.

  • Love Bug – Zoe Barnes
  • The Hard Way – Lee Child
  • Working Wonders – Jenny Colgan
  • Highland Fling – Katie Fforde
  • Artistic Licence – Katie Fforde
  • Pig Island – Mo Hayder
  • Ralph’s Party – Lisa Jewell
  • Watermelon – Marian Keyes
  • Serve Cool – Lauren McCrossan
  • Nadia Knows Best – Jill Mansell
  • Double Wedding – Patricia Scanlan
  • Francesca’s Party – Patricia Scanlan

I find that chick lit and crime thrillers are the easiest to get at car boot sales and charity shops and it’s the fantasy / sci-fi I tend to have to buy new.

Anyway, I am happy and have a nice pile to get through now!


Author: Grete

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