The first, and still the best if you ask me. David Gemmell’s first novel, and the first in the Drenai saga. An excellent epic heroic fantasy. It never tries to be anything grander than an heroic struggle for freedom and life. It avoids many of the cliches of ‘modern’ fantasy, and yet covers enough common ground that the reader is not left feeling lost. A story of invasion and war, and yet a story on a very personal level. Gemmell keeps you guessing right up until the last minute before giving you one of the most gripping and emotional endings to a book for many a year.

(This review was written sometime in the late 90’s for the original Gemmell Mania website)

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Book Information
  • Author: David Gemmell
  • Genre: Fantasy
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Author: tony

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1 thought on “Legend”

  1. I agree with Tony’s review.

    Legend is one of the greatest fantasy fiction books ever written for the casual reader. If you just wants to site down with a mug of coffee and escape to another world for a bit, this is for you.

    The book grabs the slowest of readers from the start and propels them to the last page without taking breath. If you know a child that has no interest in reading, give them Legend and promise them they only have to read the first 10 pages for a £5 reward …….. then charge them £6 for the book if they want to read the rest! Don’t be deceived though. This book is as readable at 40 as it was at 13.

    I have read this book three times now. I NEVER read books twice because I am a slow reading half-wit.

    This is the book I would have on my deserted island.

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