Abigail Campano arrived home earlier than usual and finding a car in her driveway, she expected to see her daughter and her best friend cutting school again. What greeted her instead was horrific – her daughter’s beaten and bloody body and her killer hovering over the still form, bloody knife in hand. Will Trent from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is assigned the case, his boss breathing heavily down his neck, he has to work with a none-to-friendly Atlanta Police Department to try and solve this high profile case involving one of Atlanta’s wealthiest families. He also has to work with a partner from APD, Faith Mitchell who has more cause than most to hold a grudge against him. They have to put their shared history aside and work together to save the life of a teenager and after mistakes were made early on in the investigation, time is running out.

I didn’t realise until a little way into the book that I had met Will Trent before. He first appeared in Triptych which I had enjoyed, so it was nice seeing him again. I could have used a clue on the cover tho, I have a terrible memory and find it very handy to have related books listed. That aside, there was much to enjoy about Fractured. It was very easy to read, the story flowed really well, and I was caught out a couple of times as to where the plot was headed which is always nice. I liked the main characters of Will Trent and Faith Mitchell, Karin Slaughter always manages to create believeable, likeable and interesting people as her ‘heroes’ and she often makes you feel sorry for the ‘baddies’ up to a point, along with hating them for what they’ve done. She doesn’t use an excess of gore and is almost matter of fact about it, which I really like. It’s there, it’s an inevitable part of the plot event but it can be way overdone for the sake of it.

I was up until 2am finishing it as I couldn’t put it down and that for me is a sign of a good book.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Karin Slaughter
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