Trying to read Darkly Dreaming Dexter

I saw a couple of the Dexter TV shows, and I looked them up online, discovering they were based on a book (Darkly Dreaming Dexter). I didn’t see any further episodes, and to be honest, the guilty feeling I got when watching them was a bit too much anyway. But I thought I’d give the book a shot.

It has three things going against it.

1. I know how it ends (in general), since I read about it in advance.
2. I know how it starts (in general), since I saw the first couple of TV shows.
3. It’s about confusion and misplaced suspicion.

Anyone who’s ever listened to me rant about what I don’t like in TV shows or books knows that I can’t cope with or don’t enjoy reading about confused identify, misplaced suspicion as a result of that confusion, etc. Having said all that, the writing is very impressive, and the first few pages have kept me gripped, so hopefully I’ll be able to get over those issues and give it a serious go.


Author: tony

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