Touch the Dark

Cassandra Palmer is a talented clairvoyant who can also see and talk to ghosts. When she finds her own obituary notice on her computer screen, she realises the vampire mafia that she managed to escape a few years ago, have found her again. While her instinct is to flee, she ends up turning to unlikely sources for aid gaining interest from the dead and undead alike. Unfortunately there is no such thing as something for nothing and is her life worth the cost?

I’ve had this book around for a while and kept meaning to pick it up. I’m glad I finally did. While the background explanations got a little confusing, it didn’t detract from the fast paced action and intriguing characters. I liked the ‘not as it seems’ aspects to some of the major characters and enjoyed the story unfolding. I also expected it to be another bonkfest but was pleasantly surprised at how little there was and how well the heat, longing and anticipation were built up. Thankfully I had the second book in the series already, so was very keen to plough back into Cassandra’s world.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Karen Chance
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Author: Grete

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  1. After reading this review I picked up a copy of this book and I wasn’t disappointed. Highly recommend this series to anyone.

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