Glass Houses

At 16, Claire Danvers has graduated High School and gotten early admission at Morganville University.  Being so young and so clever doesn’t go down too well with her dorm mates and the ‘in’ girls make their feelings very clear.  After a bad incident, she finds refuge at an old house outside of campus where her new house mates are more than a little odd but welcoming. Then she starts finding out that Morganville is not your average college town and going out after dark can have very sinister consequences.

I think the Morganville Vampires series is aimed at a slightly younger audience than myself but I still enjoyed Glass Houses.  The character of Claire was interesting, a 16 year old shy and gentle girl being thrust into a world she has no idea about.  She weathers it well and stands on her own two feet when she can and has maturity beyond her years, often more so than those older than her.  I think it would have been very easy to make her a sassy, know it all kid but that would have made her unbearable as a character.  Instead she is very engaging and likeable.  The rest of the cast work well although the boys can be a little irritating at times but that doesn’t detract too much.  The ‘bad guys’ are well written and several of them you just can’t wait for them to get their comeuppance.  The story flows well and the history of Morganville is intriguing and adds much to the story.  By the end, I was looking forwards to reading the second book in this series.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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  • Author: Rachel Caine
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