Three to get Deadly

Everybody loves Uncle Mo, he’s the favourite seller of candy and ice-cream in Trenton and in everyone’s eyes can do no wrong.  Unfortunately Stephanie  is sent to find him after he jumps bail and Trenton isn’t pleased with her.  Relying on help from Lula, Ranger and the interference of Joe Morelli, she starts to uncover facts that point to Uncle Mo not being the sweet, harmless man everyone loves.  But will anyone believe her.  Holding her hamster to ransom is the biggest mistake anyone can make because now Stephanie means business.

This is the third book in the Stephanie Plum series and the character of Stephanie continues to grow on me as she tries to get to grips with being a bounty hunter.  She has a great knack for uncovering things that make life much more complicated and her humour and gutsy attitude combine to make for an entertaining book.  The characters of Lula and Ranger are again taken further and I have to say I love their inclusion as major characters.  I also like that things between Joe and Stephanie have been taking a long time to heat up.  The chemistry was there from the first book but it’s not really until now that it really starts taking off.

Another great book from Janet Evanovich and unfortunately I have to wait until the fourth book is delivered before I can get stuck in.  Curses!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Janet Evanovich
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