Welcome aboard the WordPress version

So we’ve dropped the Drupal site (the old bookthing stuff), and migrated the content across to WordPress. I don’t have time to ‘learn’ more than one major CMS enough to keep it patched and well managed, and since I find WordPress so trivial to implement, administer and keep up-to-date, it won out. This theme is lovely and in combination with the AZIndex plugin, the site can present all the information we want in nice indexes.

I have a tendency to try and get things ‘just right’ before moving to a new web layout, but then spend so much time playing with tiny details that it never transpires (I already tried to move to WordPress once, but spent three weeks messing with the template).  So this time, we’re bringing the site up, putting the content up, and then we’ll mess with the fine detail later (like at the moment, on the reviews, they don’t have anywhere specific to list the author and other details, we’ll work on that).

If you’re one of the friends we have who reads and you feel like you might ever want to write a book review and whack it up here – just let one of us know and we’ll sort you out with an account.

Otherwise, hope you enjoy the site – who ever you are – and we’re trying hard to get more content in the next few months.


Author: tony

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