Four to Score

Stephanie is assigned the task of bringing in bail jumper Maxine Nowicki, a seemingly simple task. When Maxine is nowhere to be found and her ex-boyfriend starts receiving strange cryptic notes for a treasure hunt, Stephanie resigns herself to figuring it out. Hoping to find Maxine at the end of the trail, she calls on the help of a codebreaking whiz in the form of 6 foot 4 drag queen, Sally Sweet. When a couple of odd occurances involving a severed finger and a scalping come to light, are they related to the case and can Stephanie get the mess sorted out before anyone else gets hurt. Especially her.

With each book, I come to like Stephanie more and more. She’s gutsy but often a little inept, street smart but gets a little silly over chocolate, doughnuts and Morelli. Oh and she loves her Hamster, Rex. She gets into so many fixes you wonder how on earth it will get straightened out but she manages it with her sanity and sometimes her dignity intact. I have yet to come across a dull character in any of the books and the major players are just full of colour and personality.

Another great read from Janet Evanovich with many laugh out loud moments.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Janet Evanovich
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Author: Grete

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