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Just like Stephanie, Janet Evanovich is a Jersey girl born and raised.   She escaped and now lives with her family in New Hampshire.  A much loved writer of romantic and crime fiction, she is probably best known for the creation of her gutsy, fiery and tenacious heroine Stephanie Plum.


My Comments

I’d had a few books from the Stephanie Plum series sitting on the shelf for a while but kept putting them off until I could find the first one (I’m one of those people who like to start from the beginning even if it’s not strictly necessary).  After talking about them with a friend, she told me I HAD to read them so I stopped procrastinating and finally ordered the first book.   She knows me too well and I was hooked by the second chapter and never looked back, devouring the whole series as fast as I could.  If I had to pick just two words to describe them, it would be ‘pure entertainment’.  They are touching, emotional, amusing and often laugh out loud funny.  As with any long running series some of the later novels can feel a bit samey, but Evanovich’s superb characterisations are what make them so enjoyable and it’s those that keep you reading and wanting more.


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