Thicker than Water

Being an exorcist means Felix Castor can usually be relied on when there is something ghostly going on.  It comes as a bit of a surprise when his name turns up written in blood by a man he hasn’t seen or heard of for nearly twenty years.  Called to the scene as a consultant with the Met, he now finds he has to defend himself from accusations of assault and no clue as to what happened.  And something strange is going on in the surrounding estate.  Names and faces from a painful past come to the fore and Fix finds himself in the middle of something that just might be bigger than he is.

If I could choose a word to sum up this book it would be: Bleak.  That’s not to say it’s not an excellent book with the story both engaging and absorbing, it’s just a tad on the bleak side.   I love the character of Fix but I do want to smack him round the head sometimes, he carries far too much guilt imposed by himself and others around him.  Maybe that just makes him all the more human.  I also found one of the main themes of the book very challenging from a personal point of view and while that coloured how I felt about it, I thought Mike Carey wrote about it with tact and made it integral to the story rather than a ‘oh look how bad I can make it’.  All in all it’s an excellent book but for me, not an easy read.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Mike Carey
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