Seven Up

A normal day in the life of bounty hunter Stephanie Plum – given the seemingly easy task of bringing in an elderly man up on smuggling charges, things quickly get complicated with a corpse, a retired mobster with a gun and Joe Morelli with a proposal on his mind.   Then there’s Ranger with an entirely different proposition….

I feel like I am repeating myself when I review this series.  Touching, exciting and often laugh out loud funny, they are just plain entertaining reads.  As I start each one, I keep wondering if there is any trouble left that Stephanie Plum can get into and sure enough, Janet Evanovich lands her madcap heroine right in at the deep end.  Along with the introduction of a couple more characters which I hope will become part of the series, there are the usual suspects being larger than life.  Tensions between Stephanie and Ranger are definately hotting up but then things with Morelli aren’t exactly tepid either!

It’s a real pleasure to read a long running series that is so consistent in writing style, pace and characterisations and I am definately not bored of them yet.

On with the next one!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Janet Evanovich
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