Love Letters

Booklover Laura Horsley is a shy, quiet girl who loves her job working in a small bookshop.  When the owner decides it’s time to retire, she finds herself in the scary position of having to find new employment.  Against her better judgement,  she agrees to help organise a literary and music festival in the countryside and a moment of misunderstanding leads the committee to think she personally knows one of the literary world’s brightest and more reclusive stars.  With the funding, band involvement and other author attendance all dependent on Dermot Flynn attending, she is given the task of tracking him down personally and getting his involvement.  No small task then, especially since she’s had a crush on him since University and first read his books!

I thought this was an incredibly sweet book.  I loved the characters, especially Laura and Dermot and groaned each time they had a missed opportunity be it from bad timing or misunderstandings.  The pace of the story was good and as the run up to the festival started, you felt the pressure and urgency mounting which I thought was very clever.  It was involving and interesting and I loved seeing Laura come out of her shell.  I think a lot of people will see themselves in the character, myself included.  There were several funny moments that had me laughing and there were also some very touching scenes which were nicely done.  It was very enjoyable, couldn’t put it down and I think it’s definitely one of Katie Fforde’s best books.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Katie Fforde
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  1. Sounds great, I love Katie Fforde and cannot believe there is one I have not yet read! Definately buying it first chance I get.

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