On a stormy night in Atlanta, Georgia, a naked woman stumbles into the road and is hit by a passing car.  It’s clear her injuries aren’t all from the accident and at the hospital, Dr Sara Linton examines her and is horrified to find evidence of brutal torture.  Agents Will Trent and Faith Mitchell from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) are assigned the case, with the local police being unhappy and obstructive.  On a search of the area, they are shocked to find another body in a nearby tree.  When other women go missing, matching the profile of the first victims, they realise they have a serial killer on their hands and it becomes a race against time to find them before they can be subjected to the same horrific brutality as the first victims.

I was both sad and excited when I started Genesis.  It was great to meet Sara Linton again but I did have some reservations. After Sara’s tragic loss, would she still be the same compassioniate, sweet natured and feisty woman we used to know and love?  I loved that GBI Agents Will Trent and Faith Mitchell were teamed up in this book as well, two characters who I enjoy very much.  Your heart can’t help but go out to Will and you love Faith and get exasperated by her in equal measure.  They make a formidable threesome, and while they weren’t strictly working with Sara on the case, she was the doctor caring for ‘Anna’ so had a lot of input and admits she missed working cases as she did when she was the M.E. in Grant County.  I’ve missed that side of Sara too.

I have to admit that after Skin Privilege, I wondered if Karin Slaughter had shot herself in the foot.  Even though it was a fantastic book, it was a brave and risky move to kill off one of her major and much loved characters.  I wondered if we would ever see Sara Linton again, so when I heard Genesis was being released I was ready to reserve judgement and see what would be made of it.

I should have trusted that Karin Slaughter knew what she was doing and has again produced a brilliant book with strong characters all with their own inner demons, fighting against the depths of human depravity.  With flair, a clean and crisp writing style that is so easy to read, and a plot that keeps you turning the page, hoping that they will all make it through, the book delivers an exciting read.

The only negative thing  I have to say about Genesis is the ending felt a little flat but I’m going to trust Karin Slaughter this time and hope it leads into another book because I really would like to see Sara Linton, Will Trent and Faith Mitchell in the same book again, they make for an explosive mix.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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