Circle of Fire

I love authors who can create several series around a central theme, Keri Arthur’s being the Damask Circle Organisation.

Circle of fire is the first book in a new series and while similar to the Michael and Nikki books has all new characters except for a few appearances of the enigmatic Seline, who seems to run the Damask Circle.

It centres around Madeline Smith, a recluse whose gifts have driven her to refuse contact with anyone for fear of hurting them, and the mysterious Jon Barnett who manages to contact her out of the blue, needing urgent help.  He’s investigating sixteen missing children, snatched from their homes in the night and twelve bodies found, each drained of blood, Jon knows something very old and evil is at work.  Madeline is scared of leaving the house but when her beloved nephew is also snatched, she overcomes her fear, rescues Jon and they have a race against time to find the others before anyone else dies.   What follows is also a sweet story of two damaged people falling in love and desperately wanting to believe in it, to trust, but fearing it’s probably the worst thing they could do.

Keri Arthur continues to intrigue me, she has such an easy style of writing but manages to produce a plot that sucks you in and keeps you reading.  As I’ve said before in other reviews of her work, it’s the characters she creates that really make the book a cut above the rest.  They are flawed, gifted, and emotional and you can identify with them so easily, you care about them almost from the first page.

I think Circle of Fire is more of a murder/mystery than the others have been, albeit in an urban fantasy setting and that appeals to the crime book lover in me also.

If you come to read this book and I do highly recommend it, I wonder if you will also go ‘noooo’ at the same point I did near the end.  Do let me know!

With two more novels in this trilogy to come, I don’t know if they are with the same characters, but I still can’t wait to read them.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Book Information
  • Author: Keri Arthur
  • Series: Damask Circle Trilogy (1)
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