Curse the Dawn

Curse the Dawn continues Cassandra Palmer’s journey as the world’s Chief Clairvoyant, even if she hasn’t been sanctioned by the ruling magic council.  They are even out to kill her so the power will pass to an initiate that has been trained to be a Pythia they can control.  With both the Master Vampire Mircea and rogue War Mage Pritkin on her side, what can go wrong?  As the war hots up, Cassie finds herself in the middle of it all, both sides looking to use her as a pawn and she just doesn’t take too kindly to being used.

This book was a rush from start to finish and absolutely a fantastic read.  The action rarely stops and some of the situations Cassie finds herself in are hilarious as are the attempts to get out of them.  My three favourite characters are all present – Cassie herself, Mircea and Pritkin all who you learn more about.  I have to say Pritkin in this book is just brilliantly written and provides many laugh out loud moments.  That’s not to say it’s all fun and games, the somber and tragic scenes often blindside you and at times can move you to tears.

I have to add in and without using any spoilers, the statue  switcheroo was just inspired and really well executed.

I love all the books in the Cassie Palmer series but this is by far the best yet.  I really can’t wait for the next one, and think I might actually have to re-read this one again straight away, for any bits I missed!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Karen Chance
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1 thought on “Curse the Dawn”

  1. Oh Pritkin how do I love thee, let me count the ways….sigh!

    Great review, totally agree with you best book of the series so far, but they are all good. Cassie’s partnership with Pritkin really comes to life in this book, don’t get me wrong I love me a bit of the suave, handsome, sexy master vampire Mircea but it is with Pritkin that Cassie really relaxes (if you can call running for your life relaxing!) and is more her sassy, fun self. The “situation” she gets them into in this book makes for some hilarious moments, but as you say there are a couple of OMG I’m tearing up scenes that throw you for a loop.

    Can’t waith for the fifth installment 🙂

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