Heat Stroke

The late Joanne Baldwin, ex-weather warden and now Djinn tries adjusting to her new life.  After a decision by Jonathan, the head of the free Djinn, she and her lover David are separated.  She must now figure out how to survive and control her powers alone and above all, stay unclaimed and free.  Things seldom go according to plan for Joanne however – being claimed by the worst person possible as a trap for David, a rift in the aetheric plane and mysterious blue sparkles leaking through in increasing numbers.  When the Djinn start dying and nature starts building cataclysmic events that even the most powerful weather wardens aren’t able to keep up with and humanity won’t survive, what can a newly created Djinn do, even in the most kick ass shoes?

Heat Stroke is the second book in the weather warden series and is as good and compelling as the first.  The major characters of Jo and David are really well written and you get a good mental picture of how they look and can’t help but empathise with them strongly from the start.  You don’t learn much more about them in this book and to be honest it isn’t necessary, it’s all about who they are now and how they cope with the events around them.  I loved the addition of Jonathan, the head of the free Djinn.  He seems cold and heartless but maybe there is more there than meets the eye?

The plot is really good, starts slow and builds up to a crescendo, the allegory of a storm building and breaking isn’t lost on me because of the weather warden Jo was.  The event near the end surprised me and while it could have been a deus ex machina, the foundation for it was laid very early on and fit perfectly within the ‘world’ Rachel Caine created.  The ending was left in such a way that I have to reach for the next book and dive straight back in and see what happens.  I love books that do that to me!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Rachel Caine
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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book also and love the characters of Jo and David. However, I can’t help but love Lewis Lavendar Orwell (gotta give him his full title 🙂 ) even though he wasn’t in this one much the scenes he does appear in were some of my favourite. The addition of Johnathan was interesting indeed, having read the next book in the series already I won’t give anything away 🙂 I shall await your review.

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