A Princess of Landover

Mistaya Holliday is a typical 15 year old girl.  She wants to be in charge of her own life,  thinks she has all the answers and thinks her parents decide too much for her.  However, she is far from ordinary – a child born of three worlds and the daughter of Ben Holliday, King of Landover.  Sent to a boarding school in the mundane world, she rebels after feeling as though she can’t fit in.  Suspended for her behaviour, she returns to Landover and decides she won’t be going back.   Her father however has other ideas.

I loved the original Landover books, I thought they were funny and had a unique appeal of their own.  When I heard a new one was coming out, I was excited and looked forwards to it.

Having just finished it, I am very disappointed.  The focal character is Mistaya and I found her just plain annoying, even if she is doing the things 15 year olds do to start establishing their independence.   The old characters who I once loved had very weak roles, none of their old charm and zip and were very bland and boring.

I found it hard to keep reading and it really wasn’t until over halfway through did I feel it remotely interesting and even then it felt contrived and obvious and that includes the ending.

For a series that I once had a lot of love for, this was a lacklustre addition and as I have the feeling there will be more coming, sadly I won’t be rushing to read them.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

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  • Author: Terry Brooks
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