Some of you may have seen the American organisation known as the The Federal Trade Commission has updated their guidelines affecting bloggers.  You can read the information here, via Google.

When myself and Grete started working on this site, all of the books were ones we had bought or already owned.  Grete has slowly made contacts with several publishers and now receives some books in advance of their publication or free after their publication.  We’d like to say that all reviews are honest and independent regardless of where the books originated, but we’d also like you to know that some of them were provided by their publishers.

I’m not sure what, if any, regulations exist in the UK, and I’m pretty sure the US FTC doesn’t hold any sway here, but I think it’s worth being open and honest about the source of some of the books.  However, I also agree with a lot of the content of this post, and it’s worth remembering that many paid for publications (magazines, newspapers, tv programmes) receive the material they review for free.


Author: tony

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