Howling at the Moon

Life is anything but ordinary for Sophie Garou.  Her mother is a psychic witch, her father who she’s never met, was a born werewolf.  Being raised by her mother alone, for the first ten years of her life, they had to continually move as Sophie’s werewolf nature would cause her to go furry on a regular basis, not just tied to the moon but emotions too.  Daycares and schools seem to frown on that for some reason.  Having found a place in Austin, Texas without it’s own pack, they finally manage to set down roots and her mother perfects a recipe for a wolfsbane tea which suppresses the urge to change unless she wants to.  Apart from the four equinoxes.  Then she has no choice but to fur up and go wolf.  With a job as an auditor, a hot lawyer boyfriend and a best friend, life should be good but her secret is something she is too scared to share.  Things get very complicated as her boss and boyfriend both have plans for her on the coming equinox.  When her mother is arrested for the murder of a local politician and the police not interested in looking for anyone beyond her, it’s up to Sophie to try and find who the real killer is.  When she meets Tom, the golden haired and powerful born werewolf, her furry side hormones kick in to full.  Yup, life is definitely anything but ordinary.

This is the first book I’ve read by Karen MacInerney and it’s a fun read.  Nothing too deep, the story flows easily and engages you quickly.  Often whimsical and funny, I couldn’t help but like the main character of Sophie.  She’s brave and gutsy and the moments she starts wolfing out in inappropriate places just made me laugh.  The chemistry between her and the mysterious Tom is well written and hot.   In contrast when she is with her boyfriend Heath, while it’s good between them, you know there is something not quite right.  Sophie’s best friend is funny too, acerbic and witty and willing to help solve the murder case and get her mother out of jail. Her mother is really the icing on the cake for the book.  She’s scatty and loves her daughter, wants the best for her but her methods are usually a bit madcap and involve the use of attraction amulets or love potions. As a mix they work really well, their interactions are funny, well written and enjoyable.

The pace of the book is pretty good, and while the plot is fairly simple, it doesn’t really matter as the charm of story is the characters.   There were a few plot devices that were actually pretty funny but it did jerk you out of the story to go hmmm…  But it did keep me reading and entertained and by the end was relieved I have the second book on the shelf waiting.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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  • Author: Karen MacInerney
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