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Jim enjoys various diverse hobbies – martial arts, fencing, singing, riding, roleplaying and while that should make him seem like a fairly scary individual, all reports suggest he is a very nice man.  He also does LRP (Live Roleplaying) which in my book makes him fairly awesome!  He lives with his wife, son and dog and is without a doubt one of the best writers of urban fantasy and fantasy I’ve come across in a long time.


My Comments

I managed to start the Dresden Files right at the beginning with Storm Front and was blown away (no pun intended!) by Harry Dresden.  As a character he is brilliant, sarcastic, enigmatic and often downright hilarious.  You also see him develop a more sombre, angry side which adds more depth to the character and just helps you empathise with him all the more.  The books themselves are a bit like riding a runaway horse.  You can’t get off, you have to just hang on and keep going and eventually it will stop but you also know you just had the ride of your life.  They are pure entertainment and just get better with each book.  There was a short lived TV show which was a lot of fun and it was a crime when it was cancelled.

The fantasy side of his writing talent comes with the Codex Alera, a series based in a world where the ordinary is extraordinary and it’s down to a boy without the talents everyone else has, to use his wits and intelligence to get by.  I wasn’t reading much fantasy at this stage but since it was a Jim Butcher book I thought I would give it a go and again, it was fantastic.  Very different in theme and even writing style to the Dresden Books which I thought was good because we didn’t need another Harry Dresden but in a fantasy setting.  All I can say is give the first one a go!


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