Rachel Gibson

About Rachel Gibson

When not writing she can be found shoe shopping, boating with her husband or trying to love an ungrateful cat (I know that feeling!).  With numerous awards and fifteen books under her belt, she has become one of America’s (and quite a few brits too!) best loved romance authors.


My Comments

The first book I read was Simply Irresistible and it couldn’t have been more perfectly titled because it really was.  I think it was one of my first brushes with the romance genre, having had trouble finding sci-fi and fantasy to read.  It wasn’t at all what I expected.  It was funny, touching and extremely engaging.  While it was also good and steamy in places, it was also really well written and brought the characters to life in a way that made you love and care about them from the start.

Now, having devoured everything else she has written I can say that stays true in all of them.  There is not a bad book in the set and they are all very entertaining.



Author: Grete

I'm a complete bookaholic and never want a cure... more shelf space maybe. The only things I love more than reading is my husband and my cats!