With Red Hands

Six years have passed since Natalie stopped the Violet Killer with Dan.  Sickened by the violence she resigns from the Violet Corps, and to make ends meet takes any freelance job she can get.  Not easy when the Corps try to block any employment to try and force her to come back. They also want to get their hands on the one legacy Dan left.  Their daughter.  When a killer is going to walk free due to the false testimony of a corrupt Violet, Natalie feels she has to try and prove how he did it.  The one thing she doesn’t bank on is something dark from her Mother’s history.

I still found the premise of Violets as unique and exciting as I did in the first book, Through Violet Eyes.  The character of Natalie continues to appeal with her strength, quiet dignity and determination.  The love for her daughter and the fierce protectiveness she has for her is compelling and touching, especially when you know what Natalie herself went through as a child.

The book was skillfully written, causing pangs of sorrow everytime Dan appears.  As I mentioned in the first book’s review, the mix of urban fantasy and crime  is just brilliant and I would be hard pressed to choose which genre it would fit into.  The pace of this book was just right, progressing with enough speed to keep me interested, but not so fast that I had to keep reading back to catch something.   The plot was complex enough to keep me glued to the pages, trying to guess what was going to happen.  I absolutely loved what he did with the ending, didn’t see that coming at all.  Highly recommended for anyone who likes a good solid thrilling read.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Stephen Woodworth
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