Lover Unbound

 Vishous lives up to his name, in battle, in the bedroom, in the Brotherhood.  It’s the only way he knows how to be.  Gifted or maybe cursed with a hand that can cause death or healing, it seems he is doomed to be paired forever with Butch, his best friend and the Brother he fears he is in love with.  After being shot and nearly killed by a Lesser, he is accidentally taken to an ER where Dr Jane Whitcomb is on duty.  After starting emergency surgery, she is shocked to find her patient is something other than human and when the Brotherhood arrive in a hurry to bring him to their own medics, Vishous insists on Jane being brought along.  For a human Jane is tough and used to being in charge of her own life and work and being held captive albeit comfortably doesn’t sit well with her.  Something about Vishous intrigues her and for some reason she brings out the bonding instinct in him.  Can Jane be the one to help Vishous overcome his tortuous past and is he something to do with an odd event that happened in her childhood.  Only time will tell, and time is running out.

I’ve always loved the character of Vishous and the quirky banter between him and Butch.  Definitely up there as one of my favourite Brothers.  The confusing love he feels for Butch too tugs at my heartstrings and I’m glad it gets resolved in this book.  Jane’s character is sassy, no nonsense and you can’t help but admire her when she, as a human stands up to the Vampiric Brothers in the matter of medical issues.  She knows her work and woe betide anyone, even Wrath who gets in the way.  That Vishous is a Dominant sexually was really well handled and I have to say very exciting.  This only gets more so when Jane enters the picture and being such a strong willed personality herself, sparks fly.  I couldn’t help but cry at the big event at the end of the book and the resolution, it was very creative, well written and emotional.

As always there is more going on in the book than just the central characters, I love that there are always threads running from other books as the other Brothers and their lives are always involved too.  Keeps you glued to the pages with no mercy!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Book Information
  • Author: J.R. Ward
  • Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood (5)
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