One Scream Away

One night, seven years ago Beth Denison’s life changed when she was savagely attacked.  The man responsible went to jail for a different crime and Beth worked hard to create a new life for herself and her daughter.  Now he’s out and sending mutilated dolls to Beth as a warning that he’s coming for her.  Former FBI Agent Neil Sheridan was involved in a related case seven years ago and consults for the FBI and the Police when a string of murders turn up and all seem connected to Beth Denison in some way.  Neil is determined to find out what hold the killer has over Beth and unexpectedly finds something he never thought he would again.  The chance of a new life and some peace.  First though, he has to keep Beth safe from the hands of a demented killer who wants to hear her scream.

It’s been a while since I read a good crime book, having lately been absorbed by paranormal romance and fantasy.  It’s the first time I’ve read anything by Kate Brady and having just finished One Scream Away, it will certainly not be the last.  Her writing is very smooth and easy to read, even the little bits of back-history that were inserted didn’t jerk me out of the story.  Some parts of the book were extremely harrowing and if I didn’t already find collectible porcelain dolls creepy, I certainly would now!

The pace built up gradually until it was rushing along and carrying me me breathlessly with it, and I really couldn’t see what the outcome would be.  I thought the plot was extremely clever, several layers going on at once until they were slowly stripped away to a single one by the end.    Empathy with the main characters of Neil and Beth built the same way as the pace of the book.  I didn’t really feel much for them at the start but by the end I loved them and really cared about what happened.  Even minor but key characters I didn’t come to know that well tugged at my heart in certain scenes.

Nailbitingly tense in the extreme.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Kate Brady
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  1. I think this will be right up your street 🙂 It is the first in a series, second book is called Last to Die and should be out middle of this year.

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