Princeps’ Fury

After managing to engineer peace with the Canim, Tavi holds to his promise and escorts them home.  Widespread devastation meets them and the belief that all would be well once Varg and his countrymen had set foot back on their own soil vanishes as they realise the dreaded Vord had laid waste to their entire country.  Back home, his loved ones are fighting their own battle with the Vord and go far and above the call of duty for the love of Alera and her Furies.  Alera must prevail.

So far, this series has been nothing short of amazing and yet Princeps’ Fury still manages to step it up a notch.  It has been a while since I read book four but I had no trouble at all diving right back into the story and greeting old friends.  Some authors tend to have a few major characters that I love intensely, but Butcher manages to sneak an entire legion into my heart.  Tavi, Kitai, Isana, Bernard, Max, Amara, Varg, Nausag – the list just goes on and I have no idea how he keeps them all straight or devotes as much intense attention to them all as he does.  With so many central characters I wouldn’t fault you for thinking it would be too many for them all to be so well rounded. Honestly though, the characterisations are just so good. I even felt I got to know the people better than before as they acted and reacted to the events unfolding in their lives.

The plot itself for this book is very different to what I was expecting.  Shocking, emotional, harrowing and heroic.  In between it all there are still shots of humour and love.  I found this book deeply emotional and I can’t say more than that without spoilers but if you are at all like me, have some tissues handy.  The pace chopped and changed a bit but that was dictated by the story and didn’t detract at all.  In fact it would have been a bad thing had certain scenes been rushed as it would have lost all impact and emotion, and that is where the quality of the storytelling lies.

A truly engaging and entertaining book by a master storyteller!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Jim Butcher
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