Witch Fire

Mira Hoskins believed her whole life that her parents were killed in a car crash when she was a child.  When a tall, handsome stranger rescues her from being attacked in her home, he tells her she is actually a powerful Air Witch which she finds a little hard to believe.   Her powers were kept secret from her to keep her safe from the evil organisation who really murdered them, their powers drained so demons could be summoned.  Fire Witch Jack McAlister has been sent by The Coven, the ruling body for Witches, to keep her safe and escort her to the Coven before she can be taken and used for the same deed.  One slight problem is that Air and Fire have a natural overwhelming attraction and Jack is forbidden to give in to the fire raging within him.  Mira struggles equally with the power that threatens to consume her and rather than the balancing of their elements that time together should have brought, the fire burns ever brighter.

Apparently I have a soft spot for secret societies of people with special powers living within our mundane world and fighting the good fight against their evil counterparts.  Add in hot men and gutsy women and I’m hooked.

Witch Fire piqued my interest by hitting all those spots and ramped it up with a good story, passionate scenes and well rounded characters.  I loved Mira and Jack, they worked really well together and were believable as a couple, even as Mira learns the truth about who she really is.  The love scenes were pretty steamy and exciting but not excessively written and it did amuse me that most of the book took place in just three locations.  I actually also found that quite impressive.  The plot itself is quite simple but I don’t think that’s a bad thing as I feel the story is mainly about the main players.  I liked the elemental ‘magic system’, it was intuitive and creative, and along with the wiccan ideals and practices made a sturdy base to build it all from.

I did feel the premise lacked originality, which only left the characters and their interactions to help the book stand out from the crowd.  Saying that however, Witch Fire did have a lot of heart.  I felt Anya Bast wanted the readers to love her characters as much as she did, in that she succeeded.

Looking forward to reading more in this series!

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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  • Author: Anya Bast
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