Recommendations: David Gemmell

David Gemmell was pretty unique as an author, and it’s not easy to find good quality books that are similar to his.  However, there are authors which write good quality stuff which share some aspects of David’s books, so if you enjoyed Gemmell you might well enjoy the following authors / books.

James Barclay

James’ Raven series share their action packed nature with Gemmell’s work.  They’re quick paced with plenty of combat played out by interesting characters.  James can be found here, and you can read plenty of information about the Raven books by starting here (and scrolling up!)

Conn Iggulden

If you liked the historical fantasy side of David’s work, you should check out Conn’s historical fantasy books.  At the time of writing they are his Emperor Series and Conqueror Series.  You can check out information about the books on Conn’s website (and specifically the first Emperor and first Conqueror books).

Stan Nicholls

Stan’s has written one series and is working on a second series of books about a fighting band of Orcs.  While they have a more obvious fantasy slant than David Gemmell’s work, they are also gritty, fast paced and action packed, with plenty of humour to break up the combat.  You would do well to take a look at them.  You can find Stan’s site here.

If you have any other authors or books you feel would be enjoyed by people who loved David Gemmell, feel free to comment on this article with your recommendations.


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1 thought on “Recommendations: David Gemmell”

  1. I am not a student of David Gemmells work but I have read and enjoyed everything he has scribed and can say without a doubt that he is my favourite author. David had a gift for making the reader immediately understand and care for his characters. Better the tales immediately take off engaging slow readers like me refore they become jadded and put the book away.

    I have tried to read other fantasy authors but each failed to engage me one way or the other and were either a chore to read or moved on half finished.

    On Tony’s recommendation above looked up the first of Barclay’s Raven series on Amazon and read the comments. These were encouraging enough for be to order the first book “Dawnthief”. The book is (not quite finished it yet but the night is young!) excellent. The style should be and is different from Davids work and yet it has that special something that coaxes the 12 year old in me out from the attic.

    Be warned; if you thought David had a habit of killing off your beloved characters you have not seen anything yet!

    If there is a must read list for fantasy fiction then Dawnthief would need to be on it along side Waylander and Legend.

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