Ratings Re-organisation

When I first started writing reviews, I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing.  I read so many books it seemed like a good idea to write a little something about each book and see if I could get other people interested in reading them too.  When it came to the rating stage, my husband pointed out I tended to rate very high even if  I just liked it, and about a three if I didn’t, which made having a 1-5 rating silly. He suggested I think about what my benchmark 5 book would be and if I thought the book I had just finished was as good.  If it was, then I had a 5.

After more experience of writing and thinking about what Tony had said I realised that no, in fact not all books I rated high reached that benchmark.  So I am going to go through the reviews I have done and re-rate them.  That is not to say books that might receive a lower rating were not enjoyed or really good, it’s more about a realistic view of them for me.

So if you come across a review you thought had a higher (or even lower) rating before, it probably did but with more experience under my belt, I have a better perception of how much I enjoyed a book in comparison to my benchmark.


Author: Grete

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  1. This is actually one of the reasons why I don’t rate on my blog. I do sometimes on LibraryThing, and I often find myself wishing to change the rating as time passes 😛

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