No Mercy

As a shapeshifter, Dev possesses all the fierce protectiveness, rage, strength and aggression of the bear that is the other half of his soul.  As one of the Peltier quadruplets, still mourning the loss of his parents, he tries hard to keep everyone at arms length.  When Samia, an Amazonian Dark-Hunter walks into Sanctuary, the last thing he expected was attraction.  Sam having been relocated to New Orleans with other members of the Dogs of War by Acheron and looking for a good fight, found something else entirely.  Some peace from her brutal betrayal and the ‘gift’ she received when she made the transition to a Dark-Hunter.

As enemies old and new plot and gather, Sam and Dev might be the only thing standing between mankind and annihilation.

I always feel like a kid in a sweet shop when I hold a new Sherrilyn Kenyon book.  Oddly I feel almost reluctant to read it at first, knowing that once I have, it’s done and there will be another wait to visit the ‘shop’ again.  Of course that doesn’t last long and as soon as I start it, I’m immediately swept up into the story, overjoyed at seeing some old friends again, mourning still for the ones lost in the last book.

The Dark-Hunter books are a treat to read, there is no pretense, no trying to cloud the issue with clever tricks, just straight forward emotional writing that engages you right from the start and doesn’t let you go until it’s finished.

No Mercy is a wonderful addition to the series.  Getting to see who Dev is on the inside was great after being used to seeing him as the brash loud-mouthed were-bear who tries to rub everyone up the wrong way.  He meets more than his match in Sam who might just have become one of my favourite female characters in this series.  As a female Dark-Hunter, she has already been to hell and back but refuses to give up and keeps fighting, to honour the Amazon code she held to in life and protect innocents from the Daimons.

There are some wonderfully sweet scenes as well as the usual sarcasm, action packed fights and testosterone overload I’ve come to love and expect but there is also a  depth of emotion evident that hasn’t exactly been lacking in previous books but rather just seemed to strike the right chord in me.

I try hard not to mention specifics in books I review as I really hate spoiling things for others but oh my, Stryker, you are a bad boy!

There are also some interesting developments with regards to Nick just to further tantalise, but to find out more, well, you are just going to have to read it!

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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