Harper Blaine is a private detective in seattle, just trying to make a living.   Her life changes forever when a client attacks her and she dies for two minutes.  Those two minutes were long enough to make her a Greywalker, someone who can see things from the Grey, the space in between life and death where monsters and creatures of myth exist.  Now they can see her too.

Having already read and enjoyed Vanished (book four of the Greywalker series), I had been meaning to get the first three, so I could find out what had happened to make Harper a Greywalker in the first place.  Thanks to the kindness of friends and some tokens for christmas, I have them now!

I was really glad to see my impressions of Harper in Vanished were begun in this first book.  She starts off as an ordinary if gutsy woman, making a living being a private investigator.  Her life is changed forever after a client attacks her and she dies for two minutes.  What she comes back as, is something more than human.

She is a fantastic character and I love that while she can kick ass if she is in a situation she knows, throughout the book she is thrown more and more off balance, trying to deal with her world changing drastically around her.  She reacts how I imagine a normal person would.  Fear, denial and anger are just a few of the dominant emotions that she has in abundance and yet she is tenacious enough to try and do her job to the best of her ability in spite of what is happening to her.  Her guts and intelligence are what get her through it all at the end of the day, not supernatural strength, speed or powerful abilities.

The supporting cast were really good too, well created and written.  They matched Harper for her ‘realness’, even if they aren’t all human either.  In particular Mara, Ben, Will and Cameron were the best for me, as emotional and solid as they were funny.  The not so nice guys were also well done, often scary and creepy, which you mostly felt through Harper.

The plot was quite intricate and there wasn’t really a need for a big reveal as you knew what was going on as soon as Harper did.  The intricacies came as different characters were brought into play and not all of them were good news for Harper.  Finding herself in situations not always of her own making, that were very difficult to get out of, let alone survive and her guts and intelligence (and excellent writing) are what made the story as good as it is.

I’m a sucker for a reluctant hero and was also pleasantly surprised that the story’s main focus was on action and plot rather than taking time out for sex scenes (not that I dislike those in general).  In my experience, however, it’s unusual from a female writer in this genre over the last few years.

Definitely belongs in the urban fantasy section and a book I believe men as well as women would enjoy.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Author: Grete

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