Simon & Schuster Blogger Event 2011

L-R : Michelle Harrison, Justin Somper, Sophie McKenzie, Milly Johnson

Simon & Schuster held their second Blogger Event in February 2011, an event that lets reviewers meet some of the authors and books they are showcasing right now.  It’s also a chance to get together with fellow bloggers.  BookThing was invited along and we had a very interesting and fun time!

The authors who were attending and the books they were promoting were :-

Kevin J. Anderson – Hellhole
Milly Johnson – A Summer Fling
Sophie McKenzie – Girl, Missing
Justin Somper – Vampirates: Empire of Night
Michelle Harrison – 13 Secrets
Craig Robertson – Random
Helen Warner – RSVP

The event itself was in two segments.  Firstly, an hour of questions that had been emailed in, hosted by S&S Publicist Ally Glynn, which was then followed by an hour of mingling with the authors and the other attendees.  We also had the chance to get books signed which was great and it was really nice to be able to chat at the same time, unlike at a book-signing event where you need to hurry along to allow the next person in line to have their turn.

The Q&A session was really interesting and alas I was so intent on watching and listening, I forgot about recording it so that I could do a full report later.

Kevin J. Anderson

The absolute highlight for me was meeting and chatting to Kevin J. Anderson, someone who I have admired for many years without realising it, due to his Dune collaborations with Brian Herbert.  His new book Hellhole was an amazing read and made me realise how much I’d missed Science Fiction, after burning myself out reading too much of it when I was younger.

The other authors were lovely as well, insightful with their answers and very patient with the questions.  I’m not sure I could have strung two words together into a coherent sentence faced with a room full of people!

Milly Johnson is a very funny woman, very down to earth and honest in her opinions.  Her Yorkshire background is very much evident in attitude and speech and it made her very approachable.  I’m looking forward to reading her books, as I think her ‘voice’ will be very much present in her writing.

Justin Somper is an author I didn’t know, along with Michelle Harrison and Sophie McKenzie.   I don’t read many childrens or YA books unless they are specifically brought to my attention.  Simply because I don’t have any children, I don’t see what is out there for them.  They were very nice, interesting to listen to and I was actually quite surprised at how little their method of writing differs from adult fiction.

Helen Warner
Craig Robertson

Craig Robertson made me laugh quite a bit, he has an acerbic wit and is very fast at delivering comments.  He only worried me slightly, when he was asked about his research practices and responded that his book ‘Random’ is from a serial killer’s perspective.  Then grinned.  Not scary at all!

Helen Warner is an inspiring woman.  She not only holds down an important job with Channel 4, she wrote her book ‘RSVP’ on the long train commute she has every day.

The meet and greet was really good and lovely to meet other bloggers as well as the authors.  I have to say while beer and cupcakes are absolute perfection, the real treats were the number of books we were encouraged to take to read.  I don’t think I have ever been so loaded down in my life!

The trip back to Liverpool St. Station on the Underground will certainly be a memory that will make me giggle for quite a long time.

All I have left to say really, is a huge thank you to Ally Glynn, Simon & Schuster and all the staff that made it a wonderful evening.  Thanks also to Tracey Risebrow, my chaperone in London and for taking the pictures for this blog.


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