Winston’s War

Winston’s war is the first of four books that follow Winston through the war years.

It’s 1938 and the then Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain has pulled off a masterstroke of diplomacy by securing “Peace for our time” thanks to a deal with Adolph Hitler.  Whilst Britain celebrates, Winston Churchill MP becomes ever more the villain as he seeks to replace compromise with conflict.  Intimately follow an outcast Winston as he defeats both his own internal gremlins and those within the House of Lords to become Britain’s newest Prime Minister.  All this, of course, set against the background of Europe, lost in retreat and looking for hope and leadership.

I loved this book.  Winston leaps off the page thanks to beautiful characterisation.  Churchill is well researched yet embellished with enough “writer’s licence” to give him back his human frailty and depth of thought.  Meanwhile key historical events are candidly experienced and explained through a number of interlaced side stories.

If you enjoy a good yarn that will teach you some of the less publicised truths behind Britains entry into WWII then you too will embrace this series of books.   On the other hand if you are a strict scholar of 20th Century history then you may find the odd fictional leap of faith unpalatable.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Book Information
  • Author: Michael Dobbs
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