The Blood King

Time is fast running out for Prince Martris Drayke, with the Hawthorn Moon scant months away and still so much to learn about his power.  If he and his friends are to save Margolan and the Winter Kingdoms, and prevent his brother Jared and the Evil Sorcerer Arantola from raising of the Obsidian King they have to push themselves to their absolute limits.  Maybe even at the cost of their own lives.

The Blood King is the second book in the Chronicles of the Necromancer and is a worthy successor to The Summoner.  This book felt as if it was set at a slightly slower pace which I found interesting since there was actually a lot more urgency to the story.  Perhaps with the group of characters splitting off to do their own tasks for the coming battle, this was inevitable but the transitions moving from one group to another were very smooth and didn’t detract at all from the story.

The plot was as interesting as the first novel, in particular the lengths Tris and the others have to go to and through, to set things in motion in the time they have left.  Their fear, vulnerability, love and compassion are really well written and at no time did I feel they were over powered and guaranteed success without effort.  I still love Tris and Kiara but Carina and Vahanian have become a close second.  The darker parts of the book were quite harrowing, in particular when spirits come to Tris looking for peace and you find the true extent of Jared’s insanity and depravity.

The only negative thing I have to say is Martin has a tendency to over use a few key phrases but they do play their own small part in the story, so it is a minor complaint.

I was a bit surprised by the conclusion to this book but am looking forwards to finding out what happens in the third book in this series.

Quality fantasy once again from Gail Z. Martin.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Gail Z. Martin
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