Dark Haven

The war might have been won but the fighting is far from over.  King Martris Drayke, having secured the throne of Margolan, now welcomes Kiara to Shekerishet to be his Queen.  What should be a happy time for them is shadowed by plot, threat and intrigue and it seems some of Jared’s former supporters would see Tris’ rule end before it truly began.  Jonmarc Vahanian takes his place as Lord of Dark Haven, and as a place of both refuge and home to humans, Vayash Moru and Vyrkin, life is seldom going to be boring. Overjoyed that Carina is going to join him, but with matters within the blood council tense and fragile, he fears he won’t be able to keep her safe. A faction of ‘those who walk the night’ would see Dark Haven with an immortal lord and would go to great lengths to see that realised.

Dark Haven is the third book of the Chronicles of the Necromancer and follows directly on from The Blood King.  I did wonder how Martin would write this novel, having everyone splitting off from the central group they started as, but I have to say it was well done.  It didn’t feel at all disjointed when the story changed to another character’s and each time the progression felt natural.

It was good to see each of the characters I’ve grown to love, rather than the story focussing on one pair of them; the title of this book did make me wonder if that would be the case.  Happily it was not, and Tris and Kiara play as much a part in this book as Carina and Vahanian.  Carroway, Soterius, Harrtuck, Gabriel and Mikhail are of course along for the ride too.

The plot was exciting with so much intrigue coming at them from all corners I wonder how much more they can take and still be true to themselves.  The problems with the flow of magic is an interesting facet and is another ticking bomb along with the rest of the plotlines, and I thought it was good that the characters who are sensitive to it, know there is a problem and the danger it inherently presents but are too hard pressed by mortal threat to be able to figure out what to do about it.  As I read through the book it felt like everything the characters endured, was slowly pressing them together in a vice and somewhere along the line there is going to be one hell of an explosion.

The writing was again smooth and easy to read, the story gripping and with enough tension to keep me turning the pages, needing to know what happens next.  I have to say the end of the book had me gasping and as I have the final book in the series waiting on my desk, I’ve had to force myself to not pick it up until this review was done!

Excellent and enjoyable epic fantasy from Gail Z. Martin.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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