I always expect great things from a Karin Slaughter novel.  She raises the bar with every book she writes and Fallen is no exception.  Right from the first chapter I was drawn in and if life had allowed it, I would have read it in one sitting.

The majority of the story takes place in just three days and every one of them is nail biting, on the edge of your seat and utterly gripping.

It was great to see Faith Mitchell back in action again after she took an amusing but back seat role in Broken due to having a baby.  Being a mother again has definitely increased her ferocity!  Will Trent is another character who I just can’t get enough of, he’s such a wonderful mix of quiet confidence, capability and vulnerability.  Karin always developes her characters so naturally over time, and after showing signs of coming out of his shell in Broken, Will continues to improve in leaps and bounds in Fallen.  The change in him is partly due to my favourite doctor, Sara Linton who I hope Karin adds as a permanent member of the cast in this series.  The attraction between Sara and Will is undeniable now and so sweet for many reasons.  With Grant County now behind her she continues to build her life in Atlanta.

In my opinion it is a major feat bringing two such distinct series together and has been a painful pleasure to read and watch it happen.  As the Grant County series started to draw to a close and the cast of the other started to merge with it.  It’s a testament to Karin Slaughter’s powerful writing that out of the ashes, we now have a new one, a blending of both.

The plot itself is amazingly intricate and extremely clever.  The crime is against Faith Mitchell’s own family and secrets that have been kept for nineteen years start to emerge.  I love how the book was like one big puzzle with the pieces almost fitting together, only to find you have pieces that don’t belong or are missing a few others.  By the time the missing pieces were found, I don’t think I had any nails left!

I’m sure there were hints along the way as to what was really going on but I was willingly led into trying to get those odd pieces to fit.  Karin did the reveal really well and the eventual outcome hadn’t even crossed my mind but made complete sense in the end.

I can’t finish without touching on the Will/Crazy Angie subject.  Trying not to use spoilers, a lot happens there, even with everything else going on and I wanted to cheer when he makes his decision.  I’m sure there will be a lot of fallout in the next book but wow, the end of the book made me cry!

Karin Slaughter is without doubt one of the greatest Crime authors around at the moment and you will really miss out if you don’t read Fallen.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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