Summer of Love

I was a bit disappointed with Summer of Love which is unusual for me and a Katie Fforde novel since I usually ADORE them.  It’s still a funny and sweet story but I felt it lacked Fforde’s usual sparkle.  It’s by no means a bad book, I still read it in a day and would read it again, but it is not one of her best.

One of the things I find outstanding in her writing are the characterisations; they are loveable, believable and sometimes larger than life.  In Summer of Love this is still the case but some of the reactions and interactions just missed the mark and I found some conversations a little confusing.

The plot itself while simple and sweet felt very close to a few other books I’ve read in the past which is perhaps why it didn’t feel quite right to me.  ‘Girl meets boy, has only one day before he has to leave the country, mad romp ensues and has unexpected consequences.  Forward five years to see where Girl is at now and ends up meeting Boy again, confused feelings, arguments then Happy Ending’.  Usually that’s the kind of story I love, but it just seemed to lack the impact her books usually bring.

I did like the main characters however, Sian and Rory were funny and a great mum and son team.  Fiona was just loveable and I think everyone would want her as a friend! James was a nice surprise and became much more than he first appeared. Gus had moments when he irritated me but on the whole he was just what Sian needed.

The character I didn’t like at all was Richard, he just didn’t really seem to have any impact whatsoever, except to give Sian a different option, and not really a very good one at that.

There were also a few typos which jerked me out of the story, and again this is very unusual for a Fforde book.  If I had to describe how the book felt, I would simply say it felt rushed.

Definitely worth reading since it is a sweet story but not one of her best, I’m sad to say.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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