Three to Get Ready

After loving her Faith, Love & Devotion series, I noticed Tere Michaels had released a new ebook.  A bit of a sidestep from the MM romance genre, as I believe this falls into the category of Menage or MMF.

While the mere mention of the categories probably conjurs up interesting and gratuitous images, what attracts me most about Michaels’ writing is her characterisations.  I love that she can create three very diverse and interesting characters, bring them to life and then set them into a story that not only makes sense but is also compelling.

While the story is obviously very adult and erotic, it’s also very well written and the love scenes well envisioned and tasteful.

Lily is a sheer force of nature. Dominant to her husband Riley, her love, compassion and awareness of her husband’s needs is amazing, as well as her understanding of his attraction to his best friend Nick.  She is the one that realises the attraction is reciprocated and also the one that makes it possible.  She does make mistakes which makes her all the more human but she is truly a brilliant character.  I loved Riley and his sense of humour; being submissive doesn’t mean he’s a walkover and is the perfect foil between his wife and his best friend.  Nick is very different, more serious and has his feelings for Riley well locked up.  It was great seeing him unfold, learning to hope and trust.  The three share so much and the relationship just made perfect sense to me.

It’s a very simple story but one full of emotion, passion and love.

As I’ve said before and will probably say again, I’m of the opinion that love comes in many forms and isn’t or shouldn’t be defined by social norms.  I think that message is what I love most about Tere Michaels’ work.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Book Information
  • Author: Tere Michaels
  • Format: Kindle
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