Flash and Bones

It’s quite a while since I actually read Flash and Bones, but I wrote my thoughts down straight after I finished it.  Writing up the full review though has taken ages, because I couldn’t shake the feeling that although this was a good read, it’s just not up to usual Reichs standard.

I know nothing of the American NASCAR event, but Reichs brings her usual excellent level of research to Flash and Bones.  The explanations and detail about the racing were interesting and entirely believable to someone who has no clue, and it worked really well as the setting for the story.  If you’re a fan of car racing or NASCAR specifically, it’ll probably be even more engaging.

Although the plot had a very narrow focus, Kathy Reichs still managed to build a lot of tension, confusion and misdirection into it.  The pacing was good and the ending was pretty climactic, and thanks to those misdirections I was ultimately surprised about who was behind it all.

I struggled with the flashback approach used in the book, where previous events are told in present tense, it felt a little odd for some reason.  I did like the beginning line however, and how significant it would turn out to be (not saying anything more)!

For the characters, Galimore was an interesting addition and I actually found him more interesting than Ryan and Charlie throughout the book.  I don’t know whether he will show up in later books but he was appealing and I liked him a lot.  Frankly I wish Tempe had given the two FBI suits a kick in the nuts.  They were annoying.

Overall, it’s a good, enjoyable read, and by another author would probably have left me feeling more satisfied, but for a Kathy Reichs book, it just didn’t quite hit all the marks.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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