Ruthless Game

The Ghostwalkers are an elite team of men and women who have been physically, psychically and genetically enhanced, often without their consent.

On a Mission to rescue hostages in Mexico, the last thing Ghostwalker Kane Cannon expects to find is Rose Patterson – former Ghostwalker, fugitive and pregnant with his child.

Forced into a breeding program by Dr Whitney, Rose escaped with the help of Kane after she was impregnated by him. Now Kane has found her, he is not going to let her or his unborn child disappear again – despite the fact that Rose seems to trust nothing and no-one.

I discovered this series about 6 weeks ago, read them in order and Ruthless game is the ninth in the Ghostwalker series (not that they are difficult to put down or anything!!!) It would be so easy for the books to become repetitive and indeed there is a formula to all the books (which works well), but Christine Feehan manages to keep the story in each book fresh and I do not feel like I am reading the same stories at all. The plot surrounding Dr Whitney unravels a bit more with each book and is as integral to the series as the individual Ghostwalkers.

This book moves along at a faster pace than some of the others and while the relationship between the main characters is obviously the focus of the story, there is a lot more involvement with the rest of the team and much more action. I feel like I have got to know all the team members rather than just the main characters and cannot wait until their stories come out. As with the other books, the male lead is smoking hot and the sex scenes are even hotter.

I do not want to spoil it by giving too much away but at the end of the book we do start to get some idea of what the next generation of Ghostwalkers will be like.

If you have not read any of this series yet, do! Start from the beginning however, because although the story could be read as a stand alone, the reader may become confused by the underlying plot threads. Reading the series in order has definitely made it much more enjoyable and I am eagerly awaiting the next in the series.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Christine Feehan
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