Succubus in the City

Prepare to see Satan and her demons (yes I said her!) in a totally different light.

Lily lives in New York, has a great job at a fashion magazine and has 3 best girlfriends who are always there for each other.  She also happens to be a Succubus; a demon who delivers (bad) men to hell after they have had sex with her. Working for Satan isn’t so bad but Lily is getting tired of seeing her encounters go up in smoke (literally!).

When Lily meets P.I. Nathan Coleman she starts to wonder if he might be the one to release her from her eternal contract (only the small matter of all the conditions Satan set up) but then things start going wrong. Someone or something is trying to kill Lily and her friends. Is Nathan all he seems or is it merely coincidence that he appeared when he did?

This book had me feeling sorry for demons and even liking Satan who was portrayed as a caring boss! However, the demons are quite shallow and can be selfish at times. The plot moved along nicely but I was left feeling cheated at the end, clearly this is one of those sagas where you have to keep buying the next book to get any sort of closure. Unfortunately it was not good enough to make me want to go out immediately and buy the next one so I will probably never read it.

The only thing that kept me reading was the fact it was light hearted and easy to read, nothing too complicated going on. As I read very quickly, I knew it would not take too much time to get to the end.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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  • Author: Nina Harper
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Author: Tracey

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