Harper Blaine might be getting more used to living with the Grey in her life, but she’s still unsure what it all means, and why she of all people, had become a Greywalker when she’d died for those two minutes.  While still working as a private detective, she accepts that her unique talents mean her clients aren’t always of the human variety any more.

Bodies of some of the homeless who gather in Seattle’s Pioneer Square have been turning up, and more are missing.  The mysterious Quinton that has worked with her in the past, comes to her for help.  Not only were they friends of his, but he might also be implicated in the deaths.  He lets her into his life and shows her a side of Seattle that she’d never known existed.  The underground world of old Seattle, lost and forgotten when the city had been rebuilt.  Harper has to solve the puzzle that not only involves her new life, but the odd zombie as well.  With Will’s surprise visit from England, it’s getting harder to keep him separate from the supernatural part of her life, and needs to make the choice to include him in it, before the decision is forced on her.

Here in Underground, we see a ramping up of threads that started in the first book, Greywalker.  Kat introduced some very subtle threads in Greywalker, and they remained almost background information until they started coming together into a knot and are now headed towards something extremely serious.  I felt for Will and while I understood his reaction to the reality of Harper’s life I did also want to smack him.

Quinton’s character really came out in this novel and Kat superbly snuck him into my heart alongside Harper.  I also want a ferret after reading this series, thanks to Chaos and Richardson!

It’s obvious how much historical research has gone into this book, and that provides excellent support for already great characters.  Two specific elements stood out for me.  Firstly, the underground old Seattle fascinated me so much I ended up spending a few hours on the web looking at it.  The other aspect was the First Nations involvement, this was something I didn’t expect but made perfect sense in the end.

The third book in the Harper Blaine series is an intriguing mix of history, imagination and great writing.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Kat Richardson
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