A Rogue by Any Other Name

Michael, the Marquess of Bourne, has waited a decade to get his revenge, hiding from polite society and becoming a partner in London’s most famous gaming hell. Soon he would reclaim what was rightfully his, even if in order to do so he would have to ‘persuade’ Lady Penelope Marbury to marry him, vowing his wickedness would never touch her.

Lady Penelope has had a rough time in the ton, none of it of her own making. At twenty eight she still holds out for a love match but circumstances push her into marriage to the Marquess of Bourne. He had once been her dearest childhood friend – what had happened to him during the ten years he disappeared?  Where had the boy she once knew gone?

This was a fantastic book and right from page one, which starts ten years before the story proper, I was totally engrossed and by page two I felt like crying! The characters came to life so easily they seemed to jump off the page at me. The interspersing of child and young adult letters throughout the book were both humorous and heartbreaking, I could feel Penelope’s desperation through them as the years progressed. The pain both of them were in was heart-rending at times and they are both so stubborn you start to feel there will never be a happy ending. Never fear though, this is after all an historical romance. The story focuses on the darker side of London’s aristocracy in Regency England and I am starting to find I love that aspect more than the glittering ballrooms.

I am finding it really difficult to find anything to criticise about this book so I won’t!

I was unable to finish the book in one sitting as work most inconsiderately got in the way. I found I was counting the hours until I was able to get back to reading it. I got in from work and by 7.30pm I realised I hadn’t fed the kids (but at least I had finished the book). Fortunately they are old enough to get something if they were that hungry so don’t worry I didn’t starve them!

This is the second Sarah Maclean book I have read and it will definitely not be the last!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  • Author: Sarah Maclean
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Author: Tracey

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