Evalle Kincaid is having a bad day, actually, make that week! Despite saving mankind from annihilation and proving her loyalty to the Beladors, the Tribunal of ruling Gods and Goddesses still hold her Alterant background against her. Called to face them to answer for words uttered in the heat of battle, the only support she has is Brina, her warrior queen and Evalle is tasked with returning three escaped Alterants or face the consequences. To top it off something or someone is causing Alterants to go berserk and change into their monstrous form, killing any humans they find.

Wow, this book was action packed from the get go and in my opinion far superior to the first one in this series. I would say however, do not under any circumstances read this without reading Blood Trinity, the first novel, otherwise you will be mightily confused. This book takes up immediately where the previous one left off and I would advise you to re-read the last few chapters of Blood Trinity to re-familiarise yourself with what happened. I didn’t do this and it took me a while to remember what actually happened in the story the day before!

The tribunal are so unjust I want to scream at them and tell them to stop being so mean (childish of me I know!) I am sure it will all work out in the end but injustice is rife in this book and I wish just once Evalle could get a break.  She is a strong character however, and of course takes it on the chin, accepts her lot and gets on with it.

While this book is primarily about Evalle, we also get more insight into Tzader and Quinn and I am looking forward to finding out more in future books. It seems story lines are being set up nicely for them to have more of a starring role in later books.

There is a lot more of Storm and his very protective attitude (can you say hot!) towards Evalle as he tries to break down some of the barriers caused by her past experiences. We also find out about a secret he has that will surely make Evalle see him differently if she knew.

There is so much going on in this book there is no time to get bored with it and as the book progresses the tension ramps up even more. I was holding my breath at times as I became totally immersed in the story.

The only criticism I would have is that I did not get any warm fuzzies at the end, and we are left with more questions than answers. It’s clear that the next book will take up immediately where this one finished and while this often annoys me, I am sure the warm fuzzies will come at the end of the series. Since the story is so multi layered (and getting more so!) I am happy to wait until the next book in the hope some happy ever afters will occur – although with the Tribunal involved I wouldn’t bet on it!

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love
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