On a Wild Night

Amanda Cynster cannot find a man worthy of her love in the ballrooms of the ton. Taking matters into her own hands she ventures where no self respecting young lady should ever go, but where eligible gentleman can always be found!

Martin, the Earl of Dexter has shunned the ton since the scandal surrounding him 10 years previously. After rescuing Amanda from a risky situation, one of her own making, he finds he cannot avoid her at his usual haunts. Is she stalking him or is she as uninterested as she appears?

While I enjoyed this book, I felt it didn’t quite catch my imagination as some of the previous Bar  Cynster stories have.  It was quite a bit longer than previous books of this series, which of course is not usually a problem for me but I felt that those extra pages seemed to be filled with sexual encounters rather than advancing the story. While I love sex scenes as much as the next person, I found the encounters were repetitive, and I even found myself skimming over them after the first couple!

It did seem a bit strange having a woman as the dominant character in this setting – but of course no self respecting Cynster is going to pick a fop to be her partner, and sure enough it becomes clear Martin is as much an alpha male as the Cynster cousins – I do love a good alpha male!

As I find with all Stephanie Laurens work, the 19th century comes alive and it was good to get an idea of what goes on in entertainments outside the ballrooms we are so used to reading about. The story was very focused around Martin and Amanda, almost to the exclusion of other people, which I felt was unusual. While we do get to meet others, I did find myself becoming a bit bored with the two main characters, and wished there was more outside interaction. From the hints in this story, I am looking forward to the book I think is coming with Amanda’s twin sister as the heroine.

It wasn’t until about halfway that the story picked up pace with a mystery needing to be solved and the Cynster cousins making cameo appearances.  Since I love the Cynster cousins, that’s where the book became interesting for me.

Overall, despite the criticisms above I enjoyed this novel and will still be looking to read anything by Stephanie Laurens I can get my hands on!

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
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