The Viscount Who Loved Me

Anthony Bridgerton needs a wife, a suitable, sweet and biddable wife. Edwina Sheffield is the pick of the current crop of débutantes and so he sets out to make her his bride. Unfortunately to get to Edwina, Anthony has to go through her sister Kate, who is determined Edwina will never have to marry for convenience and certainly not to a rake of the highest order.

When Kate and Anthony get together sparks fly but just as he thinks he may be gaining her approval, he makes the mistake of kissing her.

I really enjoyed this book and like the first one in the series it had some very humorous moments. I enjoyed the take on the overprotective sibling being a sister instead of a brother, giving Anthony a taste of his own medicine. While it is always obvious knowing who will end up with who, it is always fun trying to guess how they will get there. I definitely did not see the situation coming that caused such a stir among society!

It was good to catch up with the Bridgerton family again although we did not see as much of the other brothers and sisters this time round. The focus was very much on Anthony and Kate and their inner demons – and they have a few!

I have not read many books by Julia Quinn but the few I have read are simply whetting my appetite for more. I enjoy the romance, the unorthodox way of getting there and her style of writing which means the story flows easily. I also love the way she manages to mix humour into her stories.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Julia Quinn
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