Scandalous – Tilly Bagshawe

When Sasha Miller enters Cambridge University as an innocent 18 year old with an aptitude for physics she has a dream. A dream which is soon destroyed along with her reputation thanks to her professor Theo Dexter. Humiliated and vilified Sasha is forced to watch as Theo goes from strength to strength taking America by storm. Sasha decides there and then that the sole purpose of her life will be to destroy Theo and clear her name any way she can.

This book was an enjoyable read in the style of Jilly Cooper. The descriptions were vivid and I found it easy to imagine myself there. The story moved from Cambridge to America and the plot managed to dance across the continents quite nicely.

The story deals with betrayal and revenge with a side helping (very small side helping mind you) of romance. The final happy ever after was so quick that if you blinked  you would have missed it which was a bit disappointing. However, this is not primarily a romance novel and so I guess it was a bonus to have any romance in there.

The plot was easy to follow without the complicated twists you sometimes get in books which leave you scratching your head and having to backtrack to find out what just happened! I do think some of the characters were a bit over the top, stereotypical and you knew exactly where the story was going, but just how Sasha would get her revenge was not immediately obvious.

Despite these comments it is not by any means a depressing story (although there is definitely no humour there!) and would be a great book to take on holiday and read on the beach – if you like chick lit this one is for you.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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  • Author: Tilly Bagshawe
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