The Edge of Desire

Christian Allerdyce, the Marquess of Dearne is the last remaining bachelor among the men of the Bastion Club. After the devastating betrayal he suffered 8 years ago he has no desire to take a wife even though he knows he soon must.

Lady Letitia Randall has no-one to turn to when her husband is murdered, her brother has disappeared making him the prime suspect and in desperation she calls upon the one person she thinks can help.  He also happens to be the one person who betrayed her when she needed him most.

I really enjoyed this book which had a solid interesting and believable plot alongside the romantic element. As you can probably tell from the brief words above there is a major misunderstanding between our two protagonists. I do find myself getting annoyed when a major misunderstanding drags on too long and starts to take over the story. Fortunately this does not last much past a hundred pages and, while other issues arise from it, I did not have to spend my time getting annoyed because of it!

The Bastion Club series is a different style of books from other ones by Stephanie Laurens, such as the Cynster series, in that the romance story always seems secondary to the action element. By action I do not mean pistols at dawn or fighting scenes,  more the fast paced ‘whodunnit’ element of the plot. There is of course plenty of sex and with Letitia not being an innocent virgin, these scenes move along quite rapidly and get very steamy *fans self a few times!*

I was surprised at the reaction of the ton to seeing Letitia frequently in the company of another man so soon after her husband’s demise and not really questioning it. I guess the same rules on scandal don’t apply to a widow in her late twenties as they do for a young innocent.

While the main characters in this book are Christian and Letitia we finally get to learn more titbits regarding my favourite character in this series – Dalziel. The epilogue is very tantalising and we get to find out his title.  I cannot wait to read the next book as finally the mystery surrounding who he is will become clear.

Overall, another great book by Stephanie Laurens, the more of hers I read the more I want to read. Fortunately she is a very prolific writer and I have lots more to go.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  • Author: Stephanie Laurens
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